Riddle me this: scavenger hunt on Wall Street

Authors note: This is the first in a series of blog posts related to business reporting class assignments.  While interesting (I hope!) they will likely not have much to do with municipal finance.

From the origins of Wall Street to what is the oldest public building in continuous use in New York City, I learned a lot of new things about New York City yesterday.

Rather than sitting in a classroom, my fellow NYU classmates and I learned these historical tidbits (and some New York geography) through a Wall Street scavenger hunt.

Reading the financial news on Wall Street

Hosted by Stray Boots, a New York start-up, the scavenger hunt was one-part contest, one-part walking tour — all narrated through text messages and updates to our smart phones.

Broken up into three teams of five, we were asked to follow clues, answer questions and snap pictures on our phones. In the process, we chatted with Italian tourists, got lost trying to find Dutch Street and got to know our classmates a bit better.

Posing with Italian tourists in front of the New York Stock Exchange

While it got a bit tiring running back and forth around the same locations in the September heat, it was a fun bonding experience and a welcome escape from what I’m sure will be many hours spent holed up studying in the months to come.


And in case you’re wondering… Wall Street’s origins can be traced to a large wall built to protect the Dutch from Native American attacks. And the oldest public building is St. Paul’s Chapel.

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1 Response to Riddle me this: scavenger hunt on Wall Street

  1. Judy Heller says:

    It is fun knowing the name WALL STREET origins from simple beginnings.
    I look forward to your posts having enjoyed your articles associated with the LA Times.

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