Maybe you should move to Wyoming

Woming has great views too! (Photo by Melanie Hicken)

These days, multi-million (or even billion) dollar budget deficits are the norm for cities and states across the country. Grappling with such massive budget holes, lawmakers continue to grapple with laying off employees or slashing services left and right.

Not in Wyoming.

In the fiscal year that ended last June, the state received $320 million more revenues that expected, according to an Associated Press report.

So now, lawmakers get to decide what to do with those extra funds. Some lawmakers are pushing to divvy the funds up among local governments or spend them on infrastructure while others want to save them for a rainy day, according to the article.

“The feds are backing out,” Wyoming State Sen. Michael Von Flatern, R-Gillette told the Associated Press. “And everybody talks about a huge federal deficit. Well, we don’t happen to have it as a state. So why don’t we make our move and take care of our own roads in excess of what is being taken away from us by the federal government?”

The revenue upswing comes in a state that has no income tax and a sales tax of a paltry 4%. It also has a much better employment rate than most of the country — 5.8% in August compared to the national rate of 9.1%.

So if you’re fed up with your own state’s budget woes (California, I’m looking at you), maybe you should move to Wyoming.

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