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More interactive budget tools

American cities aren’t the only ones facing major budget woes. Facing reduced government funding budget in the next few years, cities across England have also had to shave dollars off their books. But unlike most American cities I’ve seen, many … Continue reading

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Why I’m willing to bet $20 that you’ve stolen something in your lifetime

Have you ever stolen something? My guess is that the overwhelming majority of you reading this would answer with a fairly emphatic “no.” But let me rephrase the question. Have you ever taken something for your school or workplace for … Continue reading

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Town hall to the highest bidder?

From town hall to a café? That’s what could happen in one broke New Jersey borough, if a pair of local developers get their way. The Roselle, N.J. council voted 5 to 1 this week to consider selling the borough’s … Continue reading

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Red light cameras: safety measure or Big Brother-like cash cow?

Remember the days when you could drive through a yellow light without worrying about that dreaded photo flash? In most cities, those days are long gone as red light cameras have become increasingly popular and popped up in major intersections … Continue reading

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You fix the budget

Some of my former colleagues used to joke that I was interested in things that most people find terribly boring. And hey, if you find municipal budgets, pension rates and boring, then maybe they were right. But given the fact … Continue reading

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Thomas Friedman for 20-somethings

Author Thomas Friedman has important things to say to 20-somethings about the future of the U.S. economy, but for a variety of reasons, we’re not really listening. At least that’s the argument that drove my friend and former colleague Max … Continue reading

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You’re not the only one who can’t pay your bills

In one Pennsylvania city, plans to replace an aging trash incinerator left them flat broke. On Tuesday, the Harrisburg City Council voted to 4-3 to file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy — a last ditch effort to write down nearly $300 … Continue reading

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