You fix the budget

Some of my former colleagues used to joke that I was interested in things that most people find terribly boring.

And hey, if you find municipal budgets, pension rates and boring, then maybe they were right.

But given the fact that government budget cuts, especially on the local level, can have major effects on people’s everyday lives, its important that people pay attention.

That’s one of the reasons I love the interactive budget fixer applications that some news organizations have created to let readers play legislator and take the budget crises into their own hands.

One of my favorites was on the Los Angeles Times website last year when the state was facing a projected budget deficit of a whopping $28 billion.

The tool let readers explore the variety of funding cuts and potential tax increases that were on the table for legislators attempting to fill that massive budget gap.

While the tool is outdated since it deals with last year’s budget fiasco, it is still an easy way (and fun) way to see first handhand the magnitude of the budget woes that many municipalities are facing.

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