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How Obama’s budget proposal could affect the construction of parks and libraries

Government is a bit like physics. In high school physics you are taught that for every action there must be an equal and opposite reaction. This is also often the case in government. Take, for example, President Obama’s budget proposal … Continue reading

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A tale of two cities: How Jersey City is getting in its own way

By Melanie Hicken After years of planning, longtime Jersey City chef Nicole Puzio saw her dream of opening her own restaurant quickly turn into a nightmare. Puzio and her business partner Edward Radich thought they had dotted there i’s and … Continue reading

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Boomtown no more: how to save a troubled Las Vegas economy

I love Las Vegas. The massive hotel pools. The glittering lights. The clink of slot machines. Hoards of people determined to gamble (and most likely lose) their hard-earned cash. Many people say that you either love it or hate it. … Continue reading

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A picture is worth a thousand words: Jefferson County’s bankruptcy mess

Last week, I talked about the big bankruptcy mess surounding Jefferson County, Alabama, which this month filed for the largest municipal bankruptcy in history. But to really put the size of this filing in context, a picture is worth a … Continue reading

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A closer look at the NY state “millionaire’s tax” debate

New York residents got more bad budget news last week when state budget officials announced that lawmakers will need to fill a $350 million dollar budget gap this year. The bad budget news renewed debate over whether lawmakers should renew … Continue reading

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The story behind the story

(Authors note: This is one in a series of blog posts related to business reporting class assignments.  While interesting (I hope!) they will likely not have much to do with municipal finance.) “Among life’s core assumptions is that hospitals bring … Continue reading

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The case of the disappearing revenues

New census figures make it clear — 2009 was not a good year for state and local governments. Municipal governments saw their total revenues plummet by more than 20% in 2009, down 587.5 billion from 2008’s take of $2.1 trillion, … Continue reading

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