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How Obama’s budget proposal could affect the construction of parks and libraries

Government is a bit like physics. In high school physics you are taught that for every action there must be an equal and opposite reaction. This is also often the case in government. Take, for example, President Obama’s budget proposal … Continue reading

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Should cities rely on “rainy-day” funds to balance their books?

New York City social service advocates last fall decried roughly $1 billion in spending cuts that would shut down fire stations, nix city-sponsored child care for low income families and slash library spending. And with yet another multi-billion budget deficit … Continue reading

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Cities aren’t the only ones facing major pension costs

While my focus here on Budget Crunch is public agencies’ financial woes, I thought that to be fair I provide a bit of context that I have recently gained while covering corporate business news at Business Insider. Since I started … Continue reading

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